Residents along East Jefferson got to see a real life crime drama unfold Wednesday afternoon.
donald schanksA several-hour-long standoff resulted in one arrest when a fugitive barricaded himself in a house.
Police were trying to arrest Donald Schanks for several outstanding warrants when he fled from them and got into a house. Several occupants of the home came out but, even after tear gas was thrown into the home, Schanks refused to exit. After several hours police forced their way into the building and arrested the 49-year-old Schanks.
He was booked into the Okmulgee County jail on misdemeanor charges of failure or refusal to comply with a lawful order and obstructing an officer. Felony charges of plan, attempt, conspire to perform act of violence, burglary second degree, kidnapping, possession of a stolen vehicle and receiving, possession or concealing stolen property have also been levied against him.
The burglar and possession charges stem from a burglary in September on Bryant Road.