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 The road along Troy Aikman Drive is quiet now that school is out but students walking in front of the high school in August will see five new redbud trees shading their path.
Those trees were planted Tuesday morning as memorials for Brittany Brewer, Tiffany Guess, Rylee Allen, Ivy Webster and Michael Mayo.
Those students were killed by pedophile Jesse McFadden last month.
Nearly 50 volunteers were on hand Tuesday to plant the trees and place granite markers bearing the names of each victim at their base.
Brittany’s father, Nathan, said the trees were planted in a set order with Tiffany’s tree and marker in the center flanked by Ivy and Brittany because they were best friends. The trees and markers for Michael and Rylee are next to each other because of their ages.
Several times during the morning work family members and friends chocked back tears as emotions surfaced with memories of the young victims.
The two families have started an effort to bring the problems with child sex predators to light and address laws that need to change.
McFadden, a convicted sex offender, was released from prison after serving part of his sentence for a 2003 rape. He was facing trial for using a smuggled cellphone sexting with an underage girl in 2017 while still in prison.
That has led to questions about how he could have received time off of his sentence for “good behavior” after those charges were filed.
The high school students were all shot by McFadden along with his wife, Holly before he killed himself.