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Henryetta's sales tax return from the state took another positive jump this month. The town received $329,471.44 for an $18,363 increase form the year before. That is the fifth consecutive month the town showed an increase in sales taxes compared to a year ago.
The use tax also was better than last year with $55,223 this month, a $6,650 increase from Feb. 2023.
That money comes primarily from December business and is usually an indicator in Christmas sales by local businesses.
Okmulgee continues to have the largest sales tax check from the state. This month it amounted to $690,057 but was $55,858 less than a year ago.
The community of Beggs showed the second largest gain in the county with $50,527  that was a $10,192 gain from a year ago.
Dewar received a $17,039 check from the state this month for an increase of $3,219 over last February while Morris picked up $29,707 that was $4,188 more than last year.
Okemah was the only other area town showing a gain from the previous year. This February, the state sent a $130,308 check compared to $125,992 in 2023.
Weleetka had a $10,913 decline from the previous year, receiving $12,970 this year compared to $23,883 last year.
Statewide, $203,878,986 went back to cities and towns. That was a $752,959 increase from last year.

 Town  2024  2023  Gain/Loss
Henryetta $329,471.44 $311,107.90 $18,363.54
Dewar $17,039.53 $13,819.83 $3,219.70
Beggs $50,527.59 $40,335.58 $10,192.01
Checotah $432,194.09 $464,010.57 -$31,816.48
Eufaula $22,8019.15 $249,866.33 -$21,846.98
Morris $29,707.94 $25,519.15 $4,188.79
Okmulgee $690,057.28 $745,915.30 -$55,858.02
Okemah $130,308.82 $125,992.94 $4,315.88
Weleetka $12,970.08 $23,883.88 -$10,913.80