Henryetta Students Pledge Allegiance

The history and legend of Jim Shoulders will be presented Nov. 12 at the Henryetta Historical Society Founder’s Day banquet.
Set at the high school cafeteria, the evening will start at 6 p.m. with a silent auction followed by a dinner.
Shoulders was the winner of five World All Around Rodeo Champion Cowboy awards. He was also the first competitor to win bareback, bull riding and all-around titles at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world championships.jim shoulders
The Henryettan has been inducted into the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Texas Trail hall of Fame and National Cowboy and Western heritage Museum hall of fame.
After retiring at the age of 42, he purchased a ranch just east of Henryetta. Among the livestock produced there was Tornado, a world champion bull that threw over 200 riders in 14 years. That string was broken when Freckles Brown completed the eight-second ride in 1967.
Expected to attend the dinner will be his wife, Sharon and his children.
Tickets are now on sale at the Territorial Museum, from any Historical Society Board member or by calling the Museum at 918 652-7112.

The weather was perfect for the nearly 500 people present at the Worship in the Park Friday.
crowd“We couldn’t have asked for a better time and I appreciate everyone who came to worship and participate,” said organizer James Page.
A number of local churches and other vendors were on hand to provide food and information to those attending. Popular with the children were the petting zoo that included a friendly camel and zebra.
The eening started with a tribute to local veterans. Members of both the Boy and Girl Scouts presented each of the veterans with a flag and packet of gifts.
Page said he is already planning another event in April. More information will be made available as that date nears.



A four-night revival will held at the Schulter Baptist Church starting Sunday.
craig hobbsCraig Hobbs, a resident of Haskell, will be the evangelist. He will speak Sunday morning at the 11 a.m. service and again at 7 that evening.
The revival will be held Monday through Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Hobbs served as the 2015 president of the Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.
Prior to becoming a full-time evangelist, he was a teacher, coach and athletic director of Wilson high school.
Monday night, special music will be presented by the Southern So Night trio.
Henryettan Marcus Whitworth will be presenting several gospel performances during the revival.
Wednesday night will be youth night with pizza and soft drinks served at 6 p.m.
Everyone is invited to attend.
By Rebecca Hold, Vice-Regent, and Publicity Chairman
Mary June Cashman was the hostess of the first Okemah Chapter meeting of the year for the Daughters of the American Revolution Sept. 20 at Pepinos Restaurant in Okemah.  After the opening ritual and flag salute, chapter Regent, Velda Jo Bradley, gave a report on the Continental Congress that she, Sherri Case, and Kay Cook attended  this summer in Washington, D. C. 
Chaplain and Veteran’s Committee Chairperson, Susan Barnett, was honored and presented with a Viet Nam War lapel pin signifying her service in Viet Nam.  
DAR is always proud to honor and recognize our veterans and will be hosting a reception for all veterans at 2 to 4 p.m. Nov. 12 at the Okemah American Legion. 
A very interesting and informative program was given by member Judith Drennan titled, “Four Women Revolutionary War Era Heroes Your Class Forgot to Mention.” 
The first lady patriot was Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, being one of the first women to fight for women’s suffrage. When the troops near Boston ran out of bullets, she collected all the silver and steel she could find in her house and melted it down for the soldiers to use for ammunition. 
The second lady patriot was Sybil Ludington, the” Whistleblower” who at 16 years of age rode 40 miles on horseback to warn her father’s troops that the British had invaded Danbury, CT, looting and burning everything in their way.  The head’s up gave American troops time to prepare and gather their troops to fight back. 
The third lady patriot was Mercy Otis Warren, known as the Conscience of the American Revolution.  Her intellect was so valued that men like Samuel and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and General Henry Knox asked for her opinion on political matters.  She wrote political satire for local Massachusetts newspapers anonymously so she as a woman could be published.  She finally wrote, under her own name, the first ever published history of the American Revolution, “The History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution.” 
The fourth lady patriot was Deborah Sampson, the fighter, and the Revolutionary War’s Joan of Arc.  She was so passionate for the cause of the Revolution that at 18 years of age she, disguised as a man, and fought more than two years until she was too sick to fight.  When her plight was discovered, George Washington personally paid for her safe homecoming, and she was granted a pension and a land bounty for serving in the war, a reward previously granted to only male soldiers.   She later married and had three children living the life of a farmer’s wife.
Members attending were Sheldon Starr, Rebecca Hold, Velda Jo Bradley, Sherri Case, Norma White, Theo Crawley, Geneva Bertges, Linda Hampton, Carolyn McDaniel, Virginia Sharpe, Judith Drennan, Judy Williams, Margaret Parks, Thelma Shields, Gene Merideth, Dorothy Burden, Martha Hutton, Susan Barnett, and guests Donna Barnes, June Yahola, Pam Ferrell, and Glen Sharpe. 
The Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1189 in Okmulgee are sending their support and thanks to the Oklahoma Army National Guard troops who have been deployed to the Middle East since June with much needed personal supplies in care packages addressed to each soldier.
vfw logoCarol Smith, Post 1189 Auxiliary President, along with other officers of the Auxiliary visited with the administration officer and NCO at the local armory for advice on what the individual soldier needs that he or she would not otherwise be able to easily obtain while on active duty in the Middle East. Okmulgee’s local armory is home to Company A of the 777th Aviation Support Battalion which is headquartered at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in North Little Rock, AR. The Oklahoma National Guard website describes Company A as the ONG 90th Troop Command’s “777th Distribution Company providing water distribution, fuel distribution, warehouse operations, and transportation as necessary. The unit has supported multiple State Active Duty missions and is currently deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.”
After learning what the troops’ most desired needs are, the Auxiliary purchased items such as shower shoes, soaps and shampoos, moistened hand wipes, easily pocketed packaged snacks, chewing gum, ballistic shatter proof UV protection safety sunglasses, and other needed items helping to make each soldier’s life a little easier while performing their duty overseas. The Auxiliary will be preparing the care packages Oct. 15 with the help of National Guard members assigned to the local armory who are administratively supporting the deployed troops. This activity and preparing the packages for overseas mailing will be carried out at the local VFW Post 1189 located at 1427 North Okmulgee Street in Okmulgee.
Nationally the Auxiliaries of VFW Posts throughout the U.S. have nearly 465,000 members in more than 4,000 Auxiliaries who volunteer millions of hours and fundraise millions of dollars for charitable projects that benefit veterans, military service personnel and their families. Anyone 16 years or older that have a relative who is a member of the VFW or eligible to be a member of the VFW is eligible to join the Auxiliary and take part in assisting America’s Veterans and Troops. If interested in becoming a member of VFW Post 1189 Auxiliary in Okmulgee, contact Auxiliary President Carol Smith, 918-232-5621.