A leaf blower is part of nearly every household but it can also serve a vital function when in the hands of a fireman.
“Leaf blowers help our firefighters suppress fires more efficiently in thick wooded areas that are inaccessible by trucks, or in areas where trucks may get stuck,” said Wilson volunteer fire department chief Matt Otto. “They have shown to be an invaluable resource when making fire breaks or engaging the fire directly.” The blowers have been tested by fire departments throughout the United States and found to be effective in battling grass fires.
leaf blowerHis department will soon have four backpack leaf blowers on hand thanks to a $1,224 grant this month.
Otto said the grant was from TransCanada Charitable Foundation. The 65-year-old TransCanada is an energy company based in Canada.
“We are extremely grateful for the support and funding received from TransCanada Charitable Foundation to assist us in becoming a more effective fire department,” Otto said. “This will go a long way toward helping us better serve the citizens in our community, and those surrounding us. We are lucky to have organizations like the TransCanada Charitable Foundation and others who support our mission of a safer and a better equipped tomorrow.”