Henryetta firemen were called to a dumpster fire Thursday night in an alley between Second and Third streets.
The fire was contained to only the dumpster behind some apartments. According to firemen on the scene, it is believed that a lit cigarette had been thrown into the trash.
That was the latest call for local firefighters who have been busy responding to several grass fires around the area. Several houses were threatened in Hoffman due to grass fires. Several fire departments were called to extinguish those flames and reported no damage.
Fire chief David Bullard urged area residents o use caution if they are burning trash or debris. “Grass and weeds are at their driest now and the smallest spark can ignite them,” he said. “Even though some rain is in the forecast next week, there is going to be some periods of high wind that will dry out the pastures.”
Okmulgee County is included in the list of counties under a red flag warning. That means the lower humidity as well as strong winds forecast to reach 40 miles per hour can combine to favor the rapid spread of any fires. Outdoor burning is not recommended.