An idea that started from on online post is helping a number of Henryetta residents.
Last fall members of the First Baptist youth group saw a post about a box filled with non-perishable food that would be available to those who needed it.
fbc youth“The student leadership said let’s do it,” Jeff Walker, the youth minister at Henryetta First Baptist, told Henryetta Lions Club members this week.
He said the box was designed and built by church member Randy Prahl then installed by members of the Boy Scout Troop 118. “They did a fantastic job,” Walker said.
The food box is located under the church sign at Fourth and Trudgeon and contains boxes, bags and cans of food along with bathroom products. “Anything needed by people every day can be put in there,” he said. “There’s been baby food and diapers,” Jessica Walker added. “A lot of times people have to wait until certain times of the week and month to get items they can’t live without. Because the box is not locked, they can go at 3 in the morning,” the youth minister said.
Because the food is available around the clock, those in need do not have to wait for an office to open or fill out applications.
The supplies are placed in the box by people who want to help others. “They can go to the grocery store (Homeland is located just across the parking lot) and buy an extra can and put it in there.”
The support from the community has been great, he added. “We saw it was getting low last week and put a post on Facebook. The box was full Sunday morning.”
He went on to say anyone wishing to donate can also bring the food items by the church office. “Some one gave a large donation that more than filled a shopping cart.”
With the success of the lone food box, the church is also looking at expanding to other locations around town as well as neighboring communities. “I heard people asking about putting others around the community and Schulter,” Walker said. “Putting it around other locations would be convenient for people since many of those in need would not have to walk across town.”
Lions club member and Methodist pastor Kyle Kiner said his church would be interested in one as well. He pointed out to club members the First Chrstian Church has a stocked food pantry that also includes some meat items.
To help keep the community food box stocked, Lions club members donated $100.