chelsea headingWellsir, there are two quick things I need to tell you, but it is things in the future. Every December for the past several years I have been the “Store Santa” for the Salvation Army where i volunteer. This year is in question and that bothers me a great deal as i really enjoyed doing that. This year i even remembered in time and started my beard way back in late August. I am not particularly fond of a long beard but my much shorter beard, that I did not remember to start in time, had many kids looking at me as if to say, “Really?!” So this year I remembered and now my Christmas world may not be as merry.
But- he says quickly, not to worry. I am seriously considering going private and doing this Santa bit on my own. After growing this beard and having the complete Santa costume there is hardly a reason to let it all go. I am thinking of children’s birthday party or maybe a Sunday School class of adults where Santa could pop in and out or just a Christmas party where Santa could pass out the presents (for $10 or less as the host/hostess/organizer insisted and very few paid attention) and then get in his tiny blue sleigh and zip off. Hmmm? Yes, even a S S class of little kids would work well. Just some place where people want to have a few minutes of fun to forget the real world - just for a cupla minutes.
One caveat, IF the “Army” wants me, Saturday mornings will be filled, I believe from 9:00AM to 11:00 AM. Also, close enough to Broken Arrow so driving wouldn’t take much time. One other thing, if there was a sick child then that child, or children, would have preference. You have my email address so you can contact me through that if there is any interest.
The other thing is much further in the future but I wanted to put this in your brain just in case it does happen. I am talking swarms of bees and having someone take care of them. If you are within driving distance of Broken Arrow (Oh, about 30 minutes I’m guessing) and see a swarm, I will drive down straight away and collect them. I have done several but last year I received no calls. None! I went into shock and haven’t recovered yet. Yessir, I know swarm season is a long time off but I can be ready in a flash.
Bee swarms are not something to fear and run screaming into the street yelling, “We are all going to die!” A swarm is the bees’ way of reproducing the species. A large group leaves a hive for a new home and will then get larger and become a full hive. The bees left behind will build up to full population again and become a full hive again. Therefore the bee population has increased to make up for any hive that dies for some other reason. When bees are in their swarm, they are at their most docile and least dangerous. They have no home to protect and are just waiting for proper signals to move somewhere.
You have probably seen pictures of someone who has bees hanging all over his/her face and head. This is not a picture trick but is real. It just shows that bees can be non-aggressive when they are looking for a home or “swarming” around their queen. Who, by the way, is usually in a small container in the shirt pocket of the person wearing the bee beard. Nossir, I shall not do that at any Christmas party or any other time and I would not recommend any of you other amateurs trying it without expert advice. Leave the tricks to the show-offs but... enjoy the honey.
Since you asked, my novel writing critique group is going very well. After reading one section of my novel the leader lady, an ex-teacher, gave me an “A+”. The next week I read my children’s book and received some compliments. I just wish Mr. Clay were here for me to tell him. Now comes the part that is a trip through a haunted forest and you look like a tasty bit to the monsters who inhabit that forest and do not like anyone or anything. Submitting to a publisher has been described in even more harsh words than I used. Maybe if i enclosed a container of French champaign it would help?