By Rebecca Hold
Vice Regent and Publicity Chairman
Dorothy Burden and Susan Barnett were hostesses for the April 17 meeting of the Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. The tables were beautifully decorated with centerpieces of live spring flowers.
After Regent Velda Jo Bradley led the opening ritual, flag salute, and the National Anthem, member Sherrie Case presented a very interesting program “Sacajawea: She Who Served,” the story of the young Shoshone woman who, with a baby strapped on her back, guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition to find a water route by way of the Missouri River to the Ocean, trade with the Indians and establish trading posts. They were first to explore the wilderness that stretched between the Missouri and the western sea. On March 23, 1806, Lewis and Clark nailed down the claim for the United States by posting documents declaring that they had been sent by the United States government “by way of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific Ocean.” This great claim for the United States would not have been possible without the leadership of this brave Indian woman called “Bird Woman.”
At the closing of the meeting seven members were delighted to win door prizes consisting of the beautiful live flower centerpieces donated by the hostesses.
The next meeting will be May 15 at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. Hostesses will be Gene Meredith, Carol Musick, and Judith Drennan, and June Yahola will present the program, “The American Creed.” The following new officers will be installed: Regent, Rebecca Hold; Vice Regent, Sheldon Starr; Secretary, Thelma Shields; Treasurer, Ann Jackson; Registrar, Velda Bradley; and Chaplain, Susan Barnett. A board meeting will be held immediately after the meeting to discuss plans for the next year. Members are reminded to consider volunteering for chapter committee chairs for next year and to return their questionnaires. The Okemah Chapter welcomes all prospective members to our meetings and will assist anyone interested in joining.
Members present were Sheldon Starr, Judy Williams, Judith Drennan, Geneva Bertges, Angela Polk, Rebecca Hold, Velda Jo Bradley, Ann Jackson, June Yahola, Sherrie Case, Lucretia Harkey, Yvonne Sowder, and the hostesses, Dorothy Burden and Susan Barnett.