junk work

Even the Tuesday storm could not deter workers from starting the cleanup of the Henryetta Iron and Metals property.
When finished, the land on the south side of Main Street as far back as the alley will be either covered over with new dirt and rock or else completely removed and taken away to a hazardous materials facility in Texas.
In addition to the junk yard property, remediation efforts will be done on several lots facing Broadway. The existing topsoil will be removed and hauled off with new dirt brought back.
A fence on the Main Street side of the property will be installed as well as an earthen berm to prevent water runoff from eroding the land.
The entire project is expected to be finished in December.
Soil samples were taken throughout the area earlier t his year. They revealed decades-old contamination that needed to be cleaned up.
“We are very thankful for a long-awaited process to see the EPA starting the cleanup,” said mayor Jennifer Munholland. “This will protect our citizens as well as help beautify our Main Street.”
In 2010 the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency conducted an assessment of the facility.
Samples of soil, sediment and groundwater were taken and Polychlorinated Biphenlys (PCBs) in the groundwater were found. Also discovered were several 55-gallon drums of what has been called Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material. Those drums were hauled off in March, 2011.


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