The issue of the coronavirus pandemic was not on the agenda but Tuesday night Henryetta city council member Jana Duggan urged everyone to wear masks.
Duggan works at Hillcrest Henryetta Hospital and has seen that facility take strict measures to try and contain the virus spread.
“It’s getting worse,” she said. Duggan urged everyone to start wearing masks on a regular basis. “If you have ever seen anyone die of COVID, it changes your mind.”
She went on to say, “no one is going to make fun of you any more.
Since the start of the pandemic, Duggan has worn a face mask to every meeting. “If I can go to work, wear a hair net, two masks, goggles and gloves, you can too.”
Along that same issue, the council approved a one-time payment of $1,200 to all full-time employees and $400 for part time workers. Those funds come from the CARES grant received by the city.
Council members reappointed Kaye Ashley to the Henryetta Board of Adjustment and transferred 12 acres of city property to the Henryetta Economic Development Authority (HEDA).
That transfer was needed to allow the authority to make the land available for development. It is located on the west side of town and is part of a 35 acre tract of land. Recently a developer asked for that much property in order to build a travel center.
Every ten years the city is required to rectify their ordinances. That was handled Tuesday night with passage of a resolution. Those codes are available on the city website.
Approval was given to rezone a piece of land to allow a manufactured home to be placed on the property. It is located at 1201 West Moore and the issue was approved by the planning and zoning authority at a recent meeting.