One four inches of rain fell within a matter of a couple of hours Monday morning wrecking havoc throughout the area.
The rapid deluge caused streams to swell and leave their banks and overwhelmed municipal storm drains.
Even though no resumes had to be made in Henryetta, Okmulgee County saw a lot of help sent to residents in Okmulgee, north of Wilson and Schulter.
The rain caused major damage to the old Morris road closing it and even closed traffic through Okmulgee for several hours. That resulted in a backup that reached nearly to Henryetta. Salt Creek south of Wilson flooded nearby fields and swept across the bridge. Other areas included Honeycreek bridge at Conifer  road
Flooding shut down Henryetta’s East Main, Fourth Street, Frisco Avenue as well as portions of West Trudgeon.
Just about as fast as it came up, the water receded leaving the problem of debris ranging from trash to large limbs and even mounds of washed out gravel spread across the roadways.
Dewar saw flooding from Coal Creek on the northwest side of town that inundated several cars and houses.
The Okmulgee County Emergency Management said residents impacted by the over night and flooding today (June 7, 2021) to report flooding and storm damages online at
Who should report damages? Any business, ranches, home owners and renters with any damage from the storm or from the flooding.
Reporting damage as soon as possible will assist emergency management’s ability to request federal assistance for the county.
This is an initial damage assessment and NOT an application for assistance, according to OEMS director Tim Creighton.