Okmulgee County voters narrowly approved the plan to let liquor stores open on Sundays.
There were 2,446 votes in favor and 2,200 against the proposition. That approval was close in the absentee ballots with 56 yes and 49 no; early voting with 164 in favor and 135 opposed then on Election Day, 2,226 voted for the proposition while 2,200 opposed it.
The only other strictly Okmulgee County race, that for district 1 commission, went to Erik Zoellner with 818 votes while challenger Aaron Myers received 237.
Incumbent state representative Logan Phillips lost the county vote to Chris Banning 295 to 230. The third candidate on the republican ballot, Bobby Schultz, received 93 votes. Banning would go on to carry the district.
In the state races, Okmulgee County republicans backed Kevin Stitt for governor, giving him 2,158 votes. The closest opponent was Mark Sherwood with 358 followed by Joel Kitsel with 258 and Moira McCabe with 81.
Democrats chose Joy Hofmeister for their gubernatorial candidate. She received 1,087 votes compared to 617 for Connie Johnson.
Cindy Byrd was the county choice for state auditor with 1,623 votes compared to Steve McQuillen’s 934.
Only 28 votes separated Gentler Drummond and John O’Connor in the county vote for attorney general. Drummond received 1,400 votes and O’Connor got 1,428. That narrow margin echoed the statewide voting with Drummond leading with just 51 percent of the vote.
Todd Russ was the clear choice locally for republican state treasurer with 1,397 votes compared to 793 for Clark Jolley and 503 for David Hooten.
Ryan Walters was the slim choice in the county for state school superintendent. He received 1,033 votes followed by April Grace with 939, John Cox, 766 and William Crozier, 120.
Leslie Kathryn Osborn was the clear favorite in the republican commissioner of labor. She received 1,308 votes followed by Sean Roberts with 1,017 and Keith Swinton, 392.
Kim David won the local vote for republican corporation commissioner. He received 1060 votes followed by Todd Thomsen, 720, Justin Hornback, 512 and Harold Spradling 387.
James Sanford was the overwhelming local choice for republican state senator with 1,835 votes, well ahead of Jackson Lahmeyer with 847 and Joan Farr, 163. Madison Horn was the democrat candidate of choice for that senate seat. She received 419 votes followed closely by Dennis Baker 369, Jason Bollinger, 354, Jo Glenn, 223, Brandon Wade, 212, and Arya Azma 100.
County voters want to send Markwayne Mullin back to Washington, D.C. giving him 1,820 votes Tuesday. He will be finishing out the unexpired term of Jim Inhoff. The closest opponent was Nathan Dahm with 313, T.W. Shannon, 217 and Luke Holland, 195. The rest of the field could not get past the 85 mark.
Voters were just as evenly split in the Second Congressional District race. Avery Frix was the leader with 524 votes followed by Johnny Teehee with 418, Guy Barker, 367, John Bennett, 327, Chris Scholler, 254, Josh Brecheen, 206. Even though Brecheen was the fifth place runner locally, he received enough votes (10,573) in the district to face off against Frix (11,220) in the August runoff election.