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The Henryetta band has another trip lined up, this one a second repeat to be in the National Memorial Day Parade.
Set in Washington D.C., the parade invitation marks the third time the band students will be participating in the event.
“We went in 2013 and again in 2019,” said band director Alan Montgomery. “”Our students represented Henryetta well and got to learn a lot about our national history along the way.”
bingo turnoutIt is an expensive effort and band members started their fundraising drive Saturday with an afternoon of bingo.
Held at The Briefcase, over 150 prizes were donated by local businesses, community members, band students & parents, and other band alumni and supporters.
Band parents and students were on hand to serve the bingo participants and work the concessions, and extra seating had to be brought in to accommodate the many supporters.
“This bingo fundraiser would not have been possible without so much support from our community, and we cannot thank you enough for showing up for these kids,” Montgomery said. “Overall, we were able to raise over $3,000. That is a wonderful start but we are going to need more.” He explained the trip is projected to cost about $1,600 per student.
You will be seeing a lot of us between now and May 2025, and we are sure to have something planned each month to help our band students meet their financial goals.”
The next fundraiser is called “Egg My Yard” and is already up and going with paper forms available for sign-up. Anyone interested can contact a band student or band parent to sign up for Easter Egg Delivery right to their yard. He said an online-signup option is in the works and should be available soon.