Electric-powered autos are increasing in popularity.
plug in stationsThe Henryetta Homeland store is joining Walmart and other corporations installing the charging stations for those vehicles.
Two stations are being placed in the Homeland parking lot and are expected to be operational within a couple of weeks.
That was no easy feat requiring new power supply from PSO dedicated to the stations.
When completed the Henryetta location will be the only one between Shawnee and Fort Smith on Interstate 40. A number of charging stations are in operation in Oklahoma City and Tulsa as well as Muskogee and along the Will Rogers and Turner turnpikes.
Because of the connection with I-40 and US 75, the charging station is expected to pull in traffic that would otherwise go on by.
The charging stations will operate at 240 volts, about the same as an electric clothes dryer.
Fully electric vehicles are capable of driving around 100 miles before they need to be recharged. Many auto makers are developing vehicles that can double that distance on a single charge.
Some cars use both battery and gasoline engines to extend their range.
More about electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can be found on the Internet.