For the coming year motorists going north and south on US 75 will be putting up with traffic issues.
The bridge spanning the abandoned KO&G railroad track is going to be torn out and the bridges crossing Coal Creek are going to get a facelift.
According to Oklahoma Department of Transportation engineers, fill dirt will be dumped into the area the railroad used to have. That will be covered over with pavement similar to the work that was accomplished last year on Interstate 40 across the same rail line.railroad
The 40-year-old bridges crossing Coal Creek are going to get a new deck and beams.
Work on the entire project will cost $3.8 million.
At one time, ODTO officials had looked at realigning US 75 from the US 266 junction. That work has been shelved.
Engineers are also going to be looking into solving a problem with trucks coming from Anchor Glass getting stuck as they turn onto US 75. Currently there are no plans to change that intersection but meetings are scheduled with glass plant officials.
During the construction, the speed limit on US 75 is being reduced from 45 to 35 miles per hour. Both city and Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers will be enforcing that speed limit in an effort to keep workers safe.