Nearly 5,3000 Okmulgee County voters cast ballots in the presidential preferential election Tuesday.
President Donald Trump and Joseph Biden drew the lions share of the ballots while 18 other candidates split up the remainder.
President Trump came in with 98.38 percent or 2,210 of the republican votes and Biden picked up 41.41 percent or 1,254 votes. The closest democrat challenger to Biden was Michael Bloomberg with 648 votes followed by Bernie Sanders with 506.
The rest of the democratic ticket had Elizabeth Warren receive 233 votes, Amy Klobuchar with 103, Tulsi Gabbard 71, Pete Buttigieg 63, Andrew Yang 34, Tom Steyer 30, Michael Bennet 26, Cory Booker, 25, Marianne Williamson 14, Deval Patrick 12 and Julian Castro 9.
A total of 3,028 democrats voted and 2,293 republicans cast their ballots.