Henryetta city officials had a little bit of bright news as 2014 ended.
The final sales tax check for the calendar year came in with an increase from the same period a year ago.
The December tax check, based on October business, was $2,551,874.49, a gain of $13,720.44 from last year. That increase also continued a trend of small gains that started in 2011.
The $1,551,874 was ahead of the $2,531.163 distribution total that was the largest reported by the city until now.
In both 2009 and 2010, the sales tax returns had taken a drop, the lowest in 2010 with $2,447.996.
The ten year average sales tax return is $22,375,448.
December's tax distribution from the state also contained a check for $16,151.30, nearly double the amount from December 2013.
The largest check in the area went to Okmulgee city government with $498,599.49. That was an $11,000 increase from the prior year.
Okmulgee County's coffers grew by $277,549.74. That was an $11,110.39 increase from the same time last year. It helped push the 12-month total for the city to $3,348,380, a $60,798 gain from the previous 12-month total.
Statewide, $137,978,894 in sales tax collections was returned to 512 cities and
towns reflecting an increase of $7,074,605 from the $130,904,289 distributed to 511 cities
and towns in December last year.