vfw guys

Members of Okmulgee’s VFW Post 1189 visited the office of State Rep. Scott Fetgatter yesterday afternoon.Dennis Cunningham, John F. Hartman and Bob Mason presented an American and Oklahoman flag to be displayed in the representative’s office on behalf of the VFW.
“We are the defenders of the flag,” Hartman said. “It means a lot us that he is willing to display them proudly.”
The VFW members also talked with Fetgatter about the importance of groups like the VFW and their role in advocating for veterans benefits.
“As a veteran’s organization, we are always looking out for veterans,” Hartman said. “We appreciate it when representatives allow us the time to speak up for veterans.”
“Our veterans deserve the best,” Fetgatter said. “They paid a price for all of us, and we should do everything we can to make sure their needs are met. As long as I am a representative in this building, these flags will be behind my desk.”

bird houses
A lot of birds at Nichols Park will have new homes courtesy of Henryetta Girl Scouts and Leroy Osbourne.
The girls picked up some two dozen wooden bird houses Friday built by Osbourne in his garage workshop on Warren Road.
He explained to the girls how to set the houses up and told them to make sure they spaced them out at proper intervals.
The bird houses iwll be put on stakes and trees later this spring.birdhouse explanation
Okmulgee County republican party members will be meeting Feb. 14 at the OSUIT Student Union building in Okmulgee.
Marsheila Prior, county party chair, said the precinct meeting starts at 7 p.m.
“These meetings give people the opportunity to meet other Republicans from your voting area. It is where the voters in each precinct let the County Party know what they feel is important to add to or subtract from the County Platform.  These individual Planks (principles) are presented for a yes or no vote at the County Convention.  The approved County Platform is then submitted to the State Convention, where the Planks are reviewed to potentially become part of the State Republican Platform.  The State Platform then provides input for our National Platform.”
She pointed out that those precinct meetings also allow some party members to be elected to office and become delegates at the county level.
Anyone wishing more information, should contact prior at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Joanie Insabella was on hand Wednesday to tell Henryetta Rotary club members about her store, Rosie Lavon's Marketplace.
She said the store is a mix of vintange and antique collectables and has been open for over half a year.
Insabella renovated the former Masonic Lodge building on South Fifth Street and has renovated both the downstairs area as well as the former lodge hall on the second floor.
That renovation has included restoring adn painting the tin ceiling that was original to the over 100-year-old building.
That hall will be used for events including dances, parties, receptions and reunions.
Coming up Feb. 11 will be a Valentine's Dance and, to many Henryetta residents, will be a reminder of the old Teen Town days.
"There isn't a month that I don't have people coming in and telling me they didn't know about the store," she said. "Once they are here, they fall in love with all the things we offer.
In addition to her merchandise, Insabella said there are three booths stocked by other vendors.
She said the Marketplace name came from her mother's middle name and her silent partner's grandmother's name.
Insabella said the store has a Facebook Page that provides photos and information about some of her latest finds and offerings. That page can be reached HERE.

The annual Henryetta Lions Club Easter egg hunt will be held again.
At their meeting Tuesday, club members voted to hold the 60-year-old event at Nichols Park on Saturday, April 15.
Last year the hunt had to be moved from its traditional spot ont he south side of the lake. Hunters this year will be searching for eggs in several of the baseball fields on the north side of the park. The date was changed in order to give more people an opportunity to participate.walk vet
At Tuesday's meeting, Thomas Hudson, the Walking Veteran, was present to give club members a couple of stories form his walk.